Prami Rachmiadi, The New CSI President Director

Citra Surya Indonesia (CSI), an independent media agency that is 100% locally managed and focuses on all aspects of brand needs through advertising, branding, and strategic campaigns, has appointed Prami Rachmiadi as President Director to strengthen its strategic campaigns in media and branding.

Prami returns to the media industry after 15 years of directorship positions, with over 25 years of experience in the communications industry, spanning advertising, activation, and branding. His previous executive stints include Google Indonesia, EMTEK’s, Surya Citra Media (SCM) OTT Content, Axis (under Saudi Telecom Company), OgilvyAction, Indika Entertainment, and Unilever. In addition, he was instrumental in diversifying brands using the latest marketing-communication innovation within the FMCG/CPG, advertising, telco, tech, and media space. 

After serving as one of the first directors at, he founded his own startup consultancy business,  (Gerakan Masa Depan = Movement towards the Future). As a muamalah communications agency, Gemada catered to several shariah-based small-medium-businesses, advised an e-commerce company within the Salim Group, managed community activities with Paragon brands, and offered business consultancy services to a video-technology company of Emtek group.

Local agencies and professionals have long been the backbone of the national advertising industry, and I believe now is the perfect time to develop brands with relevant strategies, appropriate technology innovations, rooted insights, experienced teams, and the distinctive voice of Indonesia,

said Prami Rachmiadi.

“As patron of local brands for 18 years, Citra Surya Indonesia (CSI) brings a new approach to communication to help our clients achieve their business goals by leveraging our expertise and experience in the market. Ten years ago, local brands tried to associate their products with overseas brands. Now, the opposite applies, where international brands are trying to be as locally relevant as possible,” he added.

Citra Surya Indonesia also recently welcomed a new investor, giving the agency an excellent opportunity to strengthen its position in the market and expand its reach. Under Prami’s leadership, his experience in the market and multinational media agencies will bring a new dynamic for local brands. As a 100% locally run agency serving local brands, CSI is uniquely positioned to leverage the insight and understanding of being a part of the local community.

Said Abdullah, the previous President Director, is elevated to the Board of Commissioners and remains a top shareholder in the company. And Managing Director Vicky Dhanis will be focusing on his co-founder role as Director of Media, Business Strategy, and Consumer Insights. Both firmly believe that local brands have tremendous untapped potential and that their growth can be accelerated by partnering with other local businesses. As such, CSI will focus on helping local brands expand their reach within the local market and at the regional level.

“Over the past ten years, Indonesia’s local brands have grown significantly. As such, we must consider the two leading insights for this market: local behavior consumption as the product background and the rising popularity of the halal-based marketing approach. By working with local partners, we can help brands capitalize on the opportunities only locals know better. With Prami’s insights and experience, we are excited to offer these concepts to our clients moving forward,” said Said Abdullah.

CSI is ready to upgrade the market and bring brands to the forefront. As a company committed to the growth of local businesses, they are looking to serve and collaborate with brands, digital media, and traditional partners, offering strategic planning, TV post-buy-audit technology, multiscreen analytics, and creative visuals. 

“With all the changes to the market dynamics, it may become a tough challenge for international brands, yet they can innovate to make them relevant to local markets and be halal certified. The opportunities are immense, and we look forward to taking our clients to a new way of communication!” concludes Prami.

Some of Citra Surya Indonesia’s 10+ years clients include major brands such as Wardah, Bintang Toedjoe, and Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak.